Saturday, March 12, 2005


The title and description above give you a sense of the "what" and the "why." This introductory post will give you a little info about the "who." I'm a 19-year veteran of PR, media relations, and crisis communications. I have worked for a variety of organizations, from nonprofits to government agencies to trade associations in a number of disciplines: environmental, human services, disaster relief, criminal justice, labor/workforce development, and health care. My experiences have included floods, hurricanes, workforce/labor disputes, prison escapes, and scheduled executions. I've done hundreds of interviews on TV and radio and in print, including CNN and CBS This Morning. Because I am currently employed full-time, I'm not yet in a position to identify myself to you here--this is my first blog, so your patience is appreciated as I work through this.

To expand a little bit on the "what": Through this blog, I will link to news stories that demonstrate effective and less-than-effective responses to media inquiries, again with the hope that readers will form a deeper appreciation for the need to engage with the media--particularly at times when the strongest impulse is to flee.

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