Wednesday, April 13, 2005

UPDATE: "An assistant principal cautioned...against calling 911...."

I feel the need to update my previous post, which was hastily composed before I dashed out of the house this morning. I put up the link and my initial reaction, but I must emphasize how wrong the school's actions were for so many reasons. First and foremost was the utter disregard for the safety of the victim. Second--and more relevant to this blog's purpose--is the completely warped belief that NOT calling 911 would somehow ward off a media swarm.

Bad things can, and do, happen in just about every conceivable setting, from schools to businesses to government offices, and in a range of public and private places. That something bad happened in this school certainly will affect people's perceptions of the school and the quality of its leaders--that is unavoidable. That this school's leaders reacted as they did speaks volumes more about the character, integrity, and trustworthiness of the adults to whom that community entrusted the care and education of its youth--and that will be far more damaging to the school's relations with the media and community than the incident itself.


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